300ml White Wine Glass

300ml White Wine Glass
Brand: Koziol
Color: red,white
Size: 20.5 H x 8.5 W cm
35.3 GBP
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The glass with superpowers not only insulates four times better than conventional glasses and keeps drinks cold much longer, but it is also practically indestructible and can even withstand long-distance throwing without scratches or shards. With its luxurious drinking and carrying experience, this super glass is sure to inspire you at garden parties, weddings, children’s birthdays, and picnics. It is completely unbreakable and thus minimizes the dangers for large and small guests. And it’s always a super stylish piece that fits perfectly into a modern, urban environment. The glasses can be cleaned perfectly in the dishwasher and are always reusable. And at the same time protect the environment with a clear conscience. The super glass is 100% designed and manufactured in Erbach im Odenwald. For those who care about style, taste, and safety.