270ml Drinking Glass

270ml Drinking Glass
Brand: Bormioli Rocco
Color: pink
Size: 9.5 H x 8.5 W cm
12.71 GBP
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The whisky glasses are the perfect way to add some striking Italian style to your drinking glassware. The classic, faceted style of these tumblers creates an immediate, bold impression, while also serving the practical purpose of preventing your glass from rolling off the bar or table should it be knocked over. The tempered glass construction is incredibly durable, making these vessels perfect for both home and professional use alike, while the brand’s trademark infinity colour technology ensures that the vibrant mint green decoration will be sure to shine for years to come. The 270ml capacity is perfect for serving your favourite distilled spirits, either straight-up or on the rocks. When the party’s over, these glasses can be stacked together for easy, space-saving storage. In an age where the presentation of food and drink has become an art form in itself, it pays to invest in glassware that serves as its own centrepiece; the range does just that.