210ml Crystal Martini Glass

210ml Crystal Martini Glass
Brand: Diamante
Size: 7.2 H x 8.8 W cm
29.95 GBP
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Gift boxed pair of premium crystal glasses for Martini, cocktails, or prosecco adorned with crystals by Swarovski®. Diamante is a brand fully licensed and endorsed to apply genuine Swarovski® Elements. This means that each piece is carefully hand-finished and meticulously checked to ensure customers receive top-quality products. Glasses come packaged in a gift box. The Silhouette collection is offered in red wine glasses pairs, white wine glasses pairs, champagne flute pairs, cognac glasses pairs, gin pairs, a single gin, a set of 2 red wine glasses, a set of 2 white wines, and a set of 2 champagne flutes.