200ml Gin Glass

200ml Gin Glass
Brand: Kilner
Size: 17.5 H x 6.8 W cm
92.28 GBP
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This 200ml gin bottle with clip closure is specially designed for the storage of oils, sauces and juices. The stainless steel U-bolt with silicone seal ensures airtight closure and keeps food fresh longer. The bottle not only looks stylish, it is also the ideal gift idea. Whether for homemade custard, egg liqueur or other home-made specialities, this bottle presents the displays your homemade treats beautifully. The high quality glass bottle lasts longer and keeps your food safe. Glass is good for food. It is made from pure, natural raw materials, which prevents harmful chemicals or toxins from entering your food. Glass is also BPA free and is, therefore, definitely a healthier choice for storage, preservation and also for the use of food. The high-quality clip closures are designed so that the tension is 100% perfect, ensuring the ideal seal every time. The glass is sustainable, reusable and recyclable, making it the environmentally friendly choice.