2 Piece 700ml Gin Balloon Glass Set

2 Piece 700ml Gin Balloon Glass Set
Brand: The DRH Collection
Color: pink,red
Size: 22.0 H x 11.5 W cm
31.68 GBP
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Bloom Gin Glasses This gin glasses set of 2 is truly unique, with delicate design, made of fine lines and carefully considered strokes, to ensure the right balance between subtlety and elegance.The reflective outside of each bowl has a graduated colour palette, as the hue changes from a soft orange to a warm pink.Detailed into this is the beautiful floral pattern from which Bloom gets its name, and with the help of the mirrored silver finish on the inside of each glass, the bouquet of flowers shines through.Comprising gin glasses, champagne saucers, tumblers and wine glasses, this electroplated glass collection is the perfect range to complement your cocktail party or date night. The perfect way to spark a little romance, or accentuate the relaxing feel of your evening.