2 Piece 646ml Wheat Beer Glass Set

2 Piece 646ml Wheat Beer Glass Set
Brand: Ritzenhoff
Color: blue
Size: 25.4 H x 7.5 W cm
47.04 GBP
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Golden yellow with a firm crown? Amber brown with delicate foam? Hoppy, tart or rather fruity and fresh? There is hardly a drink that is so unrestrictedly democratic and hisses in countless flavors from kegs, bottles and taps: Beer brings everyone together and creates harmony between ale and gore! “Custom Time” is reminiscent of this sociable character, who always writes new stories. This is ensured by multi -faceted designs that stage classic motifs in a very urban way, combining tradition with modernity in detail. Sailor and octopus. The design stages an age -old folk tale with meticulously executed drawings, which creates new storms of enthusiasm on the wheat glasses in rousing arrangements.