10L Mini Fridge

10L Mini Fridge
Color: gray
Size: 34.2 H x 24.5 W x 28.9 D cm
62.95 GBP
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The mini-fridge is a modern and elegantly designed fridge with great looks and maximum versatility. The whole unit is finished in gloss midnight black or silver including the sides and back, the front is covered in black or silver sparkle effect glass. A special edition Union Jack design is also available. Its lightweight design, compact size, and easy carry handle make it portable enough to take with you on holidays, trips, camping, festivals, etc. As well as a UK plug lead, a European plug lead that works in Europe is also included so you can take it abroad. A DC power lead that plugs into your car cigarette socket is included so you really can take it wherever you travel. Unlike conventional fridges, the mini-fridge does not contain any refrigerant fluids or a compressor so it is much safer and easier to transport thanks to its thermoelectric Peltier technology. Two removable shelves and two storage pockets behind the door allow for increased versatility. As well as keeping your drinks and snacks cool down to 20°C below ambient temperature, it can also be used to keep cool other essentials such as cosmetics, makeup, and skincare. With the flick of a switch to the warm function, it can be used to warm whatever you need up to a maximum of 65°C. Colour/Finish: Silver