100% Solid Red Oak Shaker Dresser

100% Solid Red Oak Shaker Dresser
Brand: Etsy - 3rdWoodworking
Color: Black
2167.5 GBP
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This gorgeous Red Oak Shaker dresser will last you a lifetime! Unlike most other dressers you see on sale today that say they are made 100% out of a certain lumber…this one really is. The side panels, the drawer bottoms, & the drawer boxes are all made from solid red oak. Every aspect of this dresser (aside from hardware) is made from solid red oak (not red oak plywood). Let this dresser become a family heirloom as it will be in your house (and your grandkids house) for life! (Shipping to be paid by customer. Figured out at time of shipping…the price of shipping on Etsy IS NOT accurate, it could be more or less) 100% Solid Red Oak Shaker Dresser