10" X 14

10" X 14
Brand: Etsy - Furnishnk
Color: White
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Filling:100% Virgin Hollowfibre (feels like down). Size: 10x 14 (25cm x 35cm) Materials: Cambric cotton 233 thread count cover - This fabric ensures that the filling does not smell, peak out of the cover or allow mites to enter the filling. The cushion pads are generously filled giving you a more luxurious feel along with making your covers look pumped & fresh. General advice: Please bear in mind when ordering cushion pads that in order to achieve a plump finish a pad approximately 2 inches or 5 cm larger than the cushion cover in which you intend to use it will be required i.e. an 18 inch (45cm) pad will fit a 16 inch (40cm) cover. This, of course, depends on how plump you wish your cushion to be. Use: The cushion pad/inners can be used on your sofa, in your car, on the floor, in your bedroom, & also be taken away on a picnic or on a plane flight. Care: The cushion pads upon receipt via the post may seem flat this is due to the fact that they have been through the postal system. in order to make your cushion pads plump you would need to air & plump them. The best way to plump your cushions is to poke each corner into the pillow & then give it a shake & your feathers will release. Manufacturing: All our items are manufactured here in the UK - supporting manufacturing in the UK. 10 X 14