1-Inch Turtle Shells Silicone Mold Palette For Custom Resin Deco Bag Charms Needle Minder Earrings Hair Bow Or Barrette Zip Pulls Diy

1-Inch Turtle Shells Silicone Mold Palette For Custom Resin Deco Bag Charms Needle Minder Earrings Hair Bow Or Barrette Zip Pulls Diy
Brand: Etsy - KawaiiCoFinds
Color: Grey
15.6 GBP
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FREE USPS First Class Mail Package Shipping with $50 (pre-tax) purchase. Automatically applies during check out. Please see photo for all the details, designs & relative dimension. Cast pieces will be 1 inch high with a depth of 0.25 inch. Perfect for resin casting for a multitude of uses including but not limited to bag & key charms, as well as phone deco cabochons, wax melt pieces or stitch markers. Your are purchasing just the mold; any cast pieces (if shown) in the photo are not included & are only shown for your reference. TIPS for getting a good cast: 1. It is recommended that you do not let your resin set or thicken too much before pouring or casting so as to ensure that the resin flows into the little nooks & crannies of the details of the mold. Using a blunted toothpick also helps in pushing the resin into the details & ensure an air-bubble-free cast. That is what I do but there are a million ways to do it. :) Some use a syringe or a dropper. 2. Cut out a piece of cardboard (get some use out of those Amazon boxes! :P ) & line up your shaker mold palettes on it before you pour. This will help you move them around if needed without spilling anything. 3. Smaller casts have less mass, which means it does not generate as much heat & reaction to cure like bigger casts. This just means to be patient & let it cure a little longer. (I know this is extremely hard to ask!) There are definitely different ways to make great casts so by no means do I mean this is the only way. :) Molds are made to order & usually take approximately 5 business days unless stated otherwise. To keep me sane & efficient, I am NOT accepting custom mold orders. This include requests of just one or two designs from certain sets, unless the set is shown as two separate mold palettes. I am not going to break up a mold palette as it is always a sure fire way for me to lose a piece. :( If you saw anything on my instagram ( www.instagram.com/Kawaii.Connection ) & is not on here, feel free to send me a message! NOTE that I usually only make the mold once a purchase has been made. It normally takes me 3-5 business days, depending on my work load & volume of orders as I do work full time. That said, I always try to get the item out asap, as I would love it if I get that same treatment in return! :) To see photos & videos of work in progress, finished pieces or sneak peeks, do check me out on Instagram ( www.instagram.com/kawaii.connection ) or Facebook ( www.facebook.com/KawaiiConnectionUS ). You can also ask to purchase finished resin pieces or custom pieces on there! I do not accept returns or exchanges so I will definitely appreciate it if you ask questions first before making any purchase. P.S. This type of silicone is not for UV resin use (they require clear silicone) & is not recommended for use with food. Shaker resin pieces are fun but they do take some practice. Do check out all the youtube videos to learn & make sure to watch a bunch as some are more skilled than others.