Zinfandel Wine

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byCem/ 26 Nov 2020

Zinfandel Wine

Zinfandel wine is one of the most popular choices amongst wine enthusiasts. Originating in Croatia, the versatile Zinfandel grape makes both red and white wine. The latter is White Zinfandel, and accounts for over 80% of production. The sweet flavour of the white wine makes it very popular with beginners. It’s often snubbed by the wine connoisseurs, who tend to prefer something a more upmarket but it is one we at WineBar look for in our reviews.

Zinfandel is best paired with red meats and so makes the perfect accompaniment for a BBQ. It is also a popular choice with tomato-based pasta dishes like Lasagne and Spaghetti Bolognese.

How Much Does Zinfandel Cost?

Zinfandel is a very affordable wine, available for as little as €6 per bottle for the most basic. The price is one of the main reasons that new wine drinkers choose it. A pricey and prestigious bottle would be a waste for an unsophisticated palette.

White Zinfandel is often cheaper than red, but other factors also come into play. The age of a wine, the brand on the label. Plus, the country of production can also influence the price. We recommend starting low if you’re new to the taste.

Zinfandel Wine Taste Profile

Zinfandel has a very distinct taste due to the grapes and pressing process. Below are some of the features of the wine:

• Mostly Dry
• Sweet Taste
• Blackberry, Strawberry and Cinnamon flavours

Where is Zinfandel Grown?

Zinfandel grapes originate from Croatia, where their name is Tribidrag. They are now mostly grown in California, particularly in Amador County and Santa Clara Valley. Italy is the second-biggest producer of Zinfandel grapes, with most coming from the Apulia region.

The USA is the biggest distributor of Zinfandel, but it gets enjoyed worldwide. The wine is particularly popular in the UK due to its pleasant and sweet taste, and its affordable price. Albeit it may not be the most-loved wine amongst true wine enthusiasts, it’s easy to drink and great with any meat dish.