Just How Good Is Moineir Irish Wine?

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byCem/ 25 May 2021

Just How Good Is Moineir Irish Wine?

A frequent word used by most first-tasters of the Moineir Irish wine to describe their experience is ‘fascinating.’ At winebar Dublin, we had to find out why. The Moineir Irish wine is the product of Brett and Pamela Stephenson’s Wicklow Way Wines. Their Irish fruit wine challenges a widely-held opinion that the Irish terroir does not support wine production.

Reviewing the Moineir Irish Wine

The Moineir Irish fruit wine comes in three distinct flavours: strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry. The owners claim that their fruit wine emerged from a desire to drink truly Irish wine. The fruits are sourced from Pat Clark, Lusk, and Des Jaffares, Wexford. Originality is a priority for the couple who spare no effort in ensuring that all ingredients used are 100% Irish.

Interestingly, the Irish fruit wine benefits from patronage within and outside Ireland. The blackberry fruit wine has arguably been the most popular; the strawberry wine is our pick. Each bottle consists of 150 handpicked strawberries, whose juices are fermented and then aged into the beautiful golden hue each glass contains. The result is a complex, pleasing, mildly acidic taste filled with a summer aroma.

Our Verdict

The Stephenson’s creation has proven critics wrong – a great tasting wine borne on Irish terroir. The mildly sweet, Moineir Irish wine is ideal for savoury dishes and al fresco dining. The dessert wine is available on the Wicklow Way Wine website, various online retailers and most likely, in a restaurant near you. Bottle prices start at 21.99 Euros