Experience The Excellence Of CRU Bistro Wine Bar

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byCem/ 03 Apr 2021

Experience The Excellence Of CRU Bistro Wine Bar

In the heart of Kinsale – a small town on the southern coast of Ireland – is a chic little bistro with a dazzling reputation. The most easily noticeable feature of CRU wine bar and bistro is the cosy warm ambience that greets guests. The interior décor imbues a romantic aura that reassures you of the thrill that lies ahead. This ambience is not exaggerated—over 121 reviewers on TripAdvisor are in consensus.

Excellent Food, Extensive Wine Lists, Top-notch Service

Guests at CRU wine bar and bistro enjoy diverse food options covering Irish and European cuisines. Vegetarian and gluten-free meals are also available. Irrespective of your meal choice, be reassured of a tastebud-tingling ballad of sensations. The starters are delicious and the main courses well-cooked with generous servings. Desserts such as homemade sorbets will leave a long-lasting impression.

The wine list is also astonishingly extensive, well thought out, and reasonably priced. However, the crown of this Irish experience is the service. The young staff are courteous and professional, with a sincere willingness to serve. It isn’t uncommon for the owner to show up in the least obtrusive manner with wine or meal suggestions.

Reasonably priced meals

With prices starting at £5.00, meals at CRU bistro wine bar are reasonably priced. When considered alongside the excellent dining experience, impeccable service and satisfying ambience, CRU provides excellent value for your money. If you are ever in the wee town of Kinsale, Ireland, you should certainly pay this bistro a visit.