Best Cocktail Bar In York

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byCem/ 10 Jan 2021

Best Cocktail Bar In York

Whether celebrating a special occasion or going out with colleagues after work, you will definitely find some great cocktail joints in York to have a good time. Although the city gained popularity from old-world pubs, you will still find mixologists shaking up splendid mixtures at vibrant bars across the city. You can also have a quick look at our wine bar in Dublin reviews to discover the best wine bars the city has to offer.

Here Are Some Of The Best Ones

York has some great cocktail bars that all come in different shapes, sizes and designs. One such bar is the quirky and bizarre Evil Eye Lounge located on Stonegate. The bar is hidden behind their Guinness World Record holding gin shop, where you can also buy your favourite bottles of Gin. They specialise in a wide range of exquisite cocktails that are made with fresh ingredients, put together by their friendly and professional staff.

Next up on the list is Bobo Lobo, who claim to have the best Mojito in York. They have a wide range of cocktails with the cherry on top being their famous Flaming Tiki Skull Sharers, which comes in an actual flaming skull. What’s more, Bobo Lobo creates the perfect atmosphere to drink, dine and dance. Lastly, we’ve got Jalou – York on our list. Jalou gives you the VIP treatment through their Cocktail Masterclasses that come packaged with exciting cocktails, shots, games and your very own private bar and bartender.

Spoilt For Choice In York

York offers some great options when it comes to cocktail bars but it all boils down to your preferences. Whether you enjoy an ambient and quiet environment or an exuberant setting with a DJ set, you will definitely find the best cocktail bar in York to fit your mood and occasion. Some other great bars to check out are Macumba Cocktail Bar, Bora Bora and the famous underground bar, Sotano.